Ways To Finding Your Peace With God

Ways To Finding Your Peace With God

Believing in the holy spirit, the lord Jesus Christ and good will towards man is the way that we need to live our lives.  When going to church we are taught by a pastor memphis tn the teachings of the bible.  We are told stories and given information as to how we need to live our lives and treat others in life. 

Believing in yourself

Before you can help others you need to believe in yourself.  More often than not we are filled with self-doubt, indecisions and fear of the unknown.  Taking a moment to look at yourself, your life and the decisions that you have made and want to make will help you to believe in your abilities and your possibilities.

Speak well of others

In our world today people seem to find enjoyment in knocking down others.  They feel that if they tear someone else down it will build themselves up.  When we talk about something we don’t like about another person or how that person is not living their life according to God then we are not really following the path of God.  Speaking well of others and really trying to find the good in people will be the foundation of following the path of God.

Help others who can’t help themselves

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Engaging in random acts of kindness will help you feel better and will aid in the improvement of others lives.  When we give something as simple as a thank you, a compliment or even opening a door for someone it just shows that there is still humanity in this world. 

When you see someone that is down don’t stand there and knock them down, reach out a hand and pull them up.  Make your actions an example and blueprint for others to follow.  When we do this we are improving our world and not tearing it down.