Tips For Maintaining Your Pipes In Your Home

Tips For Maintaining Your Pipes In Your Home

What happens when we throw items down the drain?  This is a question that many people have asked but really don’t want the answers to.  The items that we put into our drains are supposed to go down into the sewer system where they are processed later by the water and sanitation companies.  At times however, the items that we put down our drains get stuck and as a result we will need to call a full-service drain company littleton co to come and take care of it.  This can become a costly expense that is easily avoidable.  Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your drains are clog free.


Never pour grease down your drains.  When you pour grease down your drains it can collect in your pipes and cause a huge buildup.  You want to take your grease and pour it into a coffee can or a cardboard milk container.  When the containers are full dispose of them properly. 

Guard your drain

When washing dishes put a strainer or other catcher over the drain.  Then as you wash your dishes of excess food you couldn’t scrape off it will collect in the strainer.  Once you finish rinsing and washing your dishes remove the strainer and dump the excess into the trash can.

Run hot water

Every time you use your sink run the hot water for a moment or two.  This will come in contact with any foreign particles that may be lodged in your drains and work them free.

Vinegar and Water

Take one cup of vinegar and pour it down your drains.  Let it sit for thirty minutes or so and then run very hot water for a minute or two.  This will help to clean out your drains and dislodge any matter that remains.

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Using these tips will help you keep your drains free and clear and reduce your need for any costly repairs.