holocaust memory museum

When Memory Allowed To Fade

holocaust memory museum

It has to be this, my dear child. This weekend we are taking you to the holocaust memory museum to show you what life was like for your late great grandmamma and grandpapa. But my dear grandmamma, just what is the Holocaust? And what does this have to do with us today? From what I gather, it is part of history and it happened so long ago already. Ah, indeed, yes, it has not been one hundred years yet. So it is fair to say that this is not yet ancient history. Indeed, your great grandmamma and papa may have passed on but today, there are still those who are alive and well today who have vivid recollections of what happened during the time of the Holocaust and why the memories of this horrific series of events needs to be preserved for all time to come.

Indeed, just like reading in your Bible about the great exodus that Moses once led, this is one of those events in world history that will still be told a thousand years from now.

It was an event years and years in the making. Sadly, so many modern day historians place the blame on Adolf Hitler and his malevolent Nazis. But the persecution of the Jews had been going on for centuries before the pogroms and the night of broken glass. It could, however, be said that the Holocaust may have been the final climax of all that hate. Sadly, my dear child, it does not appear that the lessons of history have been learnt. Which is why it is so important to keep the candles burning.

The more people that are made aware and can come to an understanding, the better the chance of seeing a world entirely at peace with itself surely.

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